The vision

Every Nashvillian has what they need to thrive.

The Mission

Making the health and well-being of ALL Nashvillians our city's highest priority.


The grant/coalition's goal is to increase capacity of diverse stakeholders, including youth service providers and community organizations, to prevent the onset and decrease the progression of e-cigarette and other substance misuse among children and youth ages 25 and under.


Nashville Thrives works to ensure every Nashvillian can improve, achieve, and sustain health and well-being by advocating, facilitating, and creating community-driven policies, systems, resources, and services.


This grant is able to have a big impact on our community. We would like to reach 1,000+ young people each year. As the scope of the grant/coalition grows, we would like to see the number of young people reached grow as well, expanding past Davidson County, to partner with other youth serving agencies, medical professionals, and other adults in Middle Tennessee. It is important to get our message to as many young people and adults as possible.
Working in collaboration with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee, Metro Health Department, Nashville Prevention Partnership & Oasis Center. Grant Funded by SAMHSA.

For more information about Vaping, visit:
SAMHSA - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

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